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By Unai Emery 2 years ago
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… but already looking forward to 2015

Hello, everybody and Happy 2015,
We anticipate returning to work because we stop competing before the rest of the teams, but mostly because we WANT, because we want to start the New Year with a good game against our fans. At the weekend we did the adaptation work post-holiday but now we’re focused solely on Saturday.

CELTA is an intense rival, which requires you to give the maximum in individual duels, which has dominated in most its games despite not get win in recent weeks. Although interestingly, the last of the matches in which more clearly dominated eventually won, and was at Camp Nou. But it did it not only by the lack of the rival success obviously had to do many things well to take the 3 points. Maximum RESPECT, but with AMBITION.

This match should be the only objective today, because we must not to forget that last season we got where we are ENJOYING every game since REQUIREMENT. Each duel made us grow as a team while ILLUSION and UNION of Sevillismo were increasing. In Europe was where emotions were gaining in intensity as advancing the playoffs, but we never looked beyond the next game. It’s what has to do Sevilla FC, enjoy in Europe, settling in positions of European competition and get as far as possible in the Cup, and always to COMPETE and look up getting excited with as well “its” Europa League as the Champions League. Accept what comes from the conviction of having done everything that has been in our hands.

The same happens to me personally; I agree but especially welcome the fact to be the coach of Sevilla FC. It has given me the opportunity to win a trophy, to enjoy RSP, get excited with possibility of returning to play the Champions League, watch how were growing many players…but mostly to train and improve every day.

In 2015 we will FIGHT again to continue producing something important TOGETHER, SFC!


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