‘I don′t seek, I find’ (Pablo Picasso)

By Unai Emery 2 years ago
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La importancia del proceso from Unai Emery on Vimeo.

How many times daily plunges us into a so fast pace, so quick and so dehumanizing that barely we have time to realize what surrounds us. How many times we just have a few minutes to have a peek at covers and media and extract the day’s headlines. Many cannot even talk to their family and friends. Of all those feelings and that search of moments is today I open this space for conversation, Emery’s Meetings, with references, friends and colleagues who give me the opportunity to redeem the value of small things, the moments and emotions more beyond the football, my passion.

This I present today – and with that premiere the space – has as protagonist the grape of my land and The Hiruzta – Txakoli Winery. And by surname of Txarli Rekalde, technical manager and one of the founders. We share many things, our understanding of the processes of growth, learning, love of what you do, management and emotion beyond the results, etc. And of course our origins in the foothills of mountain Jaizkibel that one day saw me out and where I always like to come back when I can.

I am honored to be part of this Club and of course a pleasure to walk through its vineyards. Good luck, Txarli.

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