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Feel three competitions

March 28, 2016
Hello everyone, We are in an important week, yes, because the rest we have had and that we will have again at weekend allows us to arrive in a good condition at the beginning of the week of preparation for our next challenge, the match against Real Sociedad. We disconnect and rest, also to be

The best to come

December 27, 2015
Hi everybody, Week to relax, week to enjoy with the family and get away, but not off the illusions that we set in 2016. Keeping in mind that our priority today is to finish the year with 26 points after the visit of Espanyol at RSP, from January we will fight for three goals that lead us down the

‘I don′t seek, I find’ (Pablo Picasso)

November 21, 2015
How many times daily plunges us into a so fast pace, so quick and so dehumanizing that barely we have time to realize what surrounds us. How many times we just have a few minutes to have a peek at covers and media and extract the day’s headlines. Many cannot even talk to their family and


November 9, 2015
Hello everybody, We look forward, because we expected a beautiful game on Sunday, but mostly because we wish to play at our RSP and dedicate a great match to the Sevillismo. Sevilla FC has always been strong against the difficulties and with that mentality we went to the Training center after the

An honor to receive The City of Seville award

November 9, 2015
I am Basque, I come from a town that is almost 1000 kilometers from Seville, but since I arrived in mid-January 2013, I have felt which is to be at home. It is a city that has given me a lot and every day I try to give back what it gives me. And I do it through the football, through Sevilla FC

Nomination for Best Coach Award FIFA 2015

October 27, 2015
Few hours ago the magazine France Football, based on the selection made by the committees of FIFA, has published the list of candidates for Best Coach of the FIFA 2015. In that list, the winner will not be known until January 11 2016, include partners and good professionals with whom I am pleased